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Thanks for your blog, nice to read. Do not stop.
Used to feel Aiste massage. Good massage from a nice lady. Lady was professional so didn’t allow to much - only to touch. But no complaints as happy with the result anyway.
I had a massage with Greta tonight and it was just the most sublime experiencce ... a truly wonderful experience in every way.. there was a great chemistry between us. Even though she is 25 and I am 60, we really connected to each other, even while, adhering strictly to the rules of the house. We certainly celebrated our time together at every level. .It was so great.!! I felt like a new man when I left her.
I have been there. They were lovely.
I had unforgettable experience yesterday with you Monica. I travel a lot of the whole world, but for the first time i found amazing and sweet lady as you! A very professional massage, sensitive touches and sweet moments i had.. I can't forget your smile and gorgeous body! Can't wait to see you again and hug!!!! Wishes from Milano
Thank you Monika. Amazing girl.

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